Relationships: sexual fantasies with another person

Fidelity is a very beautiful and respectable ideal that is established within a marriage or stable couple. It is a pact of sexual exclusivity where the members of a couple can only have sex with each other. Although all relationships are different, most couples maintain this romantic ideal. Fidelity is the result of true love. When two people are in love they only want to have sex with each other. They do not want any intimate contact with other people, simply because they are not interested. Fidelity is the most important ideal that must be fulfilled within monogamous relationships.

The passage of time, a determining factor
As time passes, maintaining a romantic bond with your partner may seem more difficult. Living together on a daily basis can cause us to begin to see our partner as a friend or a sibling. As a result, he is no longer as attractive to us as he once was. That is when we start dreaming about having sex with someone who is not our partner. We may have sexual fantasies about a co-worker, a neighbor, an international celebrity, etc.
Then we feel guilty and think we are cheating on our partner with someone else. The reality is that those sexual relationships only happened in our dreams. In real life we remain faithful to our partner.

Moral dilemma
The situation is posed: we have a stable couple and we dream that we have sex with another person. This generates guilt because we feel that we are cheating on our partner. The question is: are we being unfaithful if we only have sexual fantasies with another person in our imagination? The answer is with each individual and all the answers are respectable.
For many the definitive answer is NO, because reality indicates that we are faithful to our partner. All we did was have sexual fantasies with another person in our imagination. That never happened in reality.
Others, however, think that a person who has sexual fantasies about someone other than his or her partner is cheating on him or her with the thought. This way of thinking is possessive, since each person would be the owner of his partner’s mind. Although it may seem incredible, some couples establish that they should not have sexual fantasies with another, because they consider it infidelity.

Within our own world
Relationships evolve day by day and everyone knows that the more personally developed an individual is, the better quality they can establish a partnership. Each person has a world of their own within their mind and is not obliged to share it with anyone, not even their partner. Logically, neither can he demand that another person reveal all his secret thoughts to him. That is why no one should feel bad about having sexual fantasies with someone who is not their partner. Those dreams belong to each person’s intimate world and there is no reason to reveal them. Perhaps dreaming about having sex with different people can help us cope better with the routine that life as a couple demands, without that being pointed out as an infidelity.

Using imagination to our advantage
For our relationships to last through time we must use our imagination to improve the bond. Having sexual fantasies about someone other than our partner may indicate that our intimacy lacks enthusiasm.Remember that sexual dreams can indicate that there is a part of your sexuality being repressed, therefore that energy must be channeled and what better than to channel it with your partner.
Therefore, we must carefully observe what the sexual fantasies we are having are like. Then see how we can transfer those feelings to the sexual relationships we have with our partner. In this way, we will be able to enjoy a more satisfactory intimacy with our partner. That is why we should never question our sexual fantasies, but see how they can improve our sexuality.

So, what does it mean to have sexual fantasies about another person?
Having sexual fantasies about someone other than your partner means that your imagination is alive and can help you improve your sex life. Dreaming that you have sex with other people does not mean that you do not love your partner, but that your mind is inviting you to experience new sensations. The good thing is that these feelings can be lived with your partner and thus strengthen the relationship you have. Remember that you’re breaking any moral rules, you’re just giving space to your imagination and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it.Therefore, every time in your mind sexual fantasies are generated, just let yourself be carried away and dare to explore everything your imagination proposes. Never suppress your erotic dreams, as they enrich your sexuality.

If you have sexual fantasies with someone who is not your partner, it can happen that you ask yourself the following question: I tell my partner that I have sexual fantasies with another man?
Maybe you want to reveal to your husband or boyfriend that you have sexual dreams with someone else because you think you shouldn’t hide anything from your partner. That’s the wrong idea, because you own your imagination and your thoughts, so you have no obligation to reveal anything. Also keep in mind that your partner may feel hurt by this revelation. Worst of all, he can begin to question his virility, amatory ability and sexual performance.
Obviously the final decision is yours and if you want to reveal it, do it, but consider the future of your relationship.

Imagination is a great ally of full sexuality. If you have sexual fantasies about someone who’s not your partner, it doesn’t mean you’re cheating on him.Your imagination is inviting you to experience new sensations and you can do it with your partner. You will see that you will be able to enrich your sex life, make variations in your routine and your relationship will be strengthened like never before. So don’t suppress your imagination, integrate it into your life.