The Give and take of every relationship

Relationship wont work if the other person won’t cooperate at all. Relationship is all about give and take. The best thing about relationship is that the other person should never make it too hard at all. It should be both of you must work hard in order to continue the love. Love is the most amazing feeling in the world, and without it relationship is useless.

Commitment is a big word, and you should not deal with it as easy as that. In order for a relationship to grow, one of you must not be dependent to the other. Give and take is always be the solution. You should not let your partner do all the tasks and abuse it. In a relationship, both of you must work hand and hand.

Many people never work because the other person has no interests at all. You should always know your limitations to the person. You should know that its not okay to give them all the burdens. Its not okay to let the other person makes effort for you since they one.

Give and take in a relationship makes it longer. Its been a great way to show how much you love the person at all. When you are committed you are able to give your love, time and attention to the person. Do not let your partner fills always the missing part of you. Always be considerate that sometimes your partner is tired and exhausted too. Its not your partner job to make you feel good always because the same as you there are times that they are not okay too.

Staying true to the person makes you feel good always. It makes you become a greater person at all. To me in a relationship both of you must be considerate, patience and understanding to enable to longer the commitment.

Couples who had gone many years and ended together are the result of give and take. Throughout their relationship one of them had work hard to make each feeling better. I always feel so good that I’m able to give what my partners needs. Just like me, he did a lot of efforts and sacrifices for the sake of me. It would be a time changing in the end because you will release all the efforts and sacrifices were not waste at all. To me doing your best and making time for yourself is the best thing of all.

No matter what you do in life, being in a relationship is always the best kind. You should never be selfish at all. You should always reciprocate what your partner has done for you. Taking good care of what you have maybe hard sometimes but its always worth time and effort at all.

Spending time with the person you love is the most perfect feeling, and giving them the love that they deserved makes you feel happy too. Just remember that in every relationship, making time for each other is the best of all.